Mamadou Ly

BSc Hons Economics, Accounting & Finance, EMBS, ACCA P/Q, GIFEM

Chief Executive Officer, Lyscale Riskgrade

Chairman & Co-founder, Lybrosis Capital Group

Managing Partner, The Black Swan Partnership

Chief Originator of the Global Monetary Hedge Portfolio Fund

Chief Conceptor & Inventor of LR Megasystem and LR Firms & Engines

Including CapVal, Globecross, EMH, Moicom, Vestis, LCB and The London’s Fund Engines

Mamadou Ly is the driving force and the inventor behind the concept of Lyscale Riskgrade, a financial engineering firm specialised in Financial Risk Instruments that embodies breathtaking insights and innovative ways in which Global Markets are penetrated with a scientific precision.

He undertook private and public global investment research along investment banking, corporate financial accounting and forensic accounting as well as investment management activities for a period of 12 years to come up with this unique set of methodologies made of 6 systems and 29 platforms for the financial, debt, capital and money markets that put the Globe into a unique unified perspective. Motivated by new challenges, he aspires to be successful in all endeavours and to play a leading role in implementing initiatives that directly support business goals and corporate strategy. He is a graduate Economist and an accountant.

In this capacity, he has had broad exposure in overall management exercises with the depths of insightful daily management actions aimed at coordinating all operations within the firm and liaising with outside stakeholders including the press, the regulators and third-parties either at corporate, national, international and multilateral levels.

He has been in charge of orientating the firm overall performance and broader exposure as a global market leader in financial engineering with a special emphasis on risk instruments and as the originator of what has come to be known as the doctrine of “Risk Economics” with quantified and scientifically precise tools aimed at penetrating the intricacies of the global markets. He has performed high profile advocacy and consulting work at government, multilateral agencies and central banking levels with a sizeable amount of assignments for world class corporations seeking to achieve first class risk audit status and optimal economic consulting.

He co-founded Lybrosis Capital and worked in strengthening the firm position as an innovative investment banking and investment management outfit. From inception to date, he has been instrumental to the vision of bringing our mission to reality. He has provided first-class partnership with world class expertise and origination to our developers and other stakeholders in devising a new financial engineering global nomenclature encompassing accounting and finance with economics allied with a unique multidisciplinary melange with information technology. He has directed and orientated the trajectory of our massive global investment research remit within both private and public research with limited financial resources and a constrained financial budget to allow our quiet revolution to unfold. He has also been responsible for board meetings, dealing with client’s demands and formulating policies and agendas within the broader field of our domain of competencies.

Mamadou is the chief Conceptor of LR Megasystem and the chief originator of our flagship financial risk instrument known as the Global Monetary Hedge (LR-GMH) which is aimed at supporting the new Global Economic and Financial Architectures he has designed from scratch.

3 Responses to About

  1. une simple recherche sur la compréhension de l’économie mondiale sur google? m’a fait découvrir ce site que je conseil vivement. C’est tout simplement une référence.. rare

  2. Oumarou SANOU says:

    Hi Mrs Ly it has been a long missing time!
    Great resume!
    Why a country like Ivory coast with men like you, Thierry tanoh, Tidjam thiam and other world known great men and women, and cannot challenge countries like singabor and brasil, china….I wonder what is the problem? How can the African diapora contribute to the African continent development? Help me understand!

  3. Wane Oumar Mamadou says:

    La part des africains dans le developpement de l’Afrique est,a priori le facteur clef qu’il faut se preparer a mettre en oeuvre avant toute autre evetualite possible a considerer.
    Autement dit,la part africaine dans le developpement de l’Afrique doit etre preponderemment apparent, continuellement accrue pour que l’essor economique dans cette region du monde puisse paraitre une realite possible un jour.Sinon,c’est la pure fiction……
    Que faut-il faire pour que l’information passe pertinemment dans l’esprit de l’Africain lamda: investisseurs,administrateurs,educateurs ou meme celui de la rue sans domicile fixe…?
    Si la vie est agreable a la maison,c’est justement parce que le pere de famille prend soin de celle-ci.
    Wane Oumar Mamadou.

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