LCG launches its GMH (Global Monetary Hedge) Portfolio Bond Triple One (GMH PB111)

Lybrosis Capital Group Corporation (LCG Corp) announces the launch of its Global Monetary Hedge Portfolio Bond Triple 11 (GMH PB111) on 1st March 2015.

GMH PB11 aims to raise five (5) global continental sub-portfolios namely:

  1. GMH Amero Bond (US$ 80 Billion);
  2. GMH Asiano Bond (US$ 75 Billion),
  3. GMH Europo Bond (US$ 75 Billion);
  4. GMH Oceano Bond (US$ 50 Billion) and
  5. GMH Afro Bond (US$ 25 Billion).

The total fundraising financial exercise of the GMH PB111 is set to reach US$ 305 Billion over the next five (5) years [1st March 2015 – 27 February 2020]

For and on behalf of Lybrosis Capital Group Corporation

Mamadou Ly

CEO, Lybrosis Capital Group Corporation

Chaloner House, 19 Clerkenhall Close, City of London, London EC1R 0RR, United Kingdom


About mamadoulylinkedin

Mamadou Ly BSc Hons Economics, Accounting & Finance, EMBS (Oxford), ACCA P/Q, GIFEM Group Chairman & CEO, Lybrosis Capital Group Chief Executive Officer, Lyscale Riskgrade Managing Partner of The Black Swan Partnership Chief Originator of the Global Monetary Hedge Portfolio Fund Chief Conceptor & Inventor of LR Megasystem, LCG Global Architectures, Capval, Globecross, EMH, Vestis & Delta High Engines Mamadou Ly is the driving force and the inventor behind the concept of Lyscale Riskgrade, a financial engineering firm specialised in Financial Risk Instruments that embodies breathtaking insights and innovative ways in which Global Markets are penetrated with a scientific precision. Driven by a phenomenal culture of possibilities, he epitomises massive intellect with paradigm-shifting thinking combined with a pragmatic leadership that makes things happen. He undertook private and public global investment research along investment banking, corporate financial accounting and forensic accounting as well as investment management activities for a period of 12 years to come up with this unique set of methodologies made of 13 systems and 64 platforms for the financial, debt, capital and money markets that put the Globe into a unique unified perspective. Motivated by new challenges, he executes and translates success in all endeavours and plays a leading role in implementing initiatives that directly support business goals, corporate strategy and formed opinions guiding future trends in global affairs. He is an Oxford educated graduate Economist and an accountant turned financial engineer and global investment researcher mastering computational languages and algorithmic deployments.
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